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  • Megan

berry + spiced cookie icebox cake

Updated: Jul 7

In this dish:

- heavy whipping cream

- sweetened condensed milk

- lemon juice

- vanilla extract

- raspberries

- blackberries

- Biscoff cookies

I whipped up this frozen block of berries and cream on the Fourth of July as a pledge of allegiance to no-bake dessert. Over the following week we’ve slowly chipped away at the tart, creamy loaf, refreshing our palates every night with a chilly after-dinner slice.

The recipe is delightfully simple: With hand mixer or bionic forearm, whip together 1 cup heavy whipping cream, a 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk, a quarter cup of lemon juice, and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract until the mixture reaches a pudding-like texture.

Line a 5x9 loaf pan with plastic wrap, leaving wings on either side of the pan for easy removal of your frozen loaf. Then throw down your first layer of creamy mortar. Alternate layers of berries, cookies, and cream until you reach the top of the pan. Cover the pan with more plastic wrap and into the freezer it goes!

Wait impatiently at the freezer door for at least three hours before upending the berry-studded glacier onto a serving platter and cutting a beautifully stratified slice for your overheated self. Smack your lips and pledge your allegiance.

Finally, dream up your own icebox cake adaptations: sub in lime juice for more pucker; throw in strawberries or cherries or ho! peaches!; experiment with any number of crumbly cookies (Biscoff cookies have a spiced molasses-y edge to counter the other sweet-tart layers, but my mind is spinning with other possibilities—graham crackers, Lorna Doone shortbread, or even…NUTTER BUTTERS? *scribbles recipe ideas on windowpane of Ivy League dormitory*)

More iterations of this frozen treat to come. In the meantime, grab some berries, make some space in your freezer, and bring your right hand to your heart.

Liberty and justice to all—



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