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Claire Saffitz's Gourmet Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Updated: May 28, 2023

In its short history, this blog has played witness to a pair of hands that know, more or less, exactly what they're doing. Their knife skills aren't great and they tend toward under-salting, but they have a plan; whatever dish they're making, they've made it before.

That ends today.

Today I introduce #StruggleStreet, a special edition blog showing you what it looks like when I'm trying a recipe for the first time and I'm not comfortable with it. The idea was inspired by this first video, which I shot a few months ago after Bon Appétit magazine challenged readers to make Claire Saffitz's gourmet Reese's peanut butter cups and document the inevitable struggle.

I found the recipe to be exhausting, but I had a lot of fun shooting and editing this video;

it was the first time I put my full body in front of the camera instead of just my hands, and it was the first time I could freely express the joys and frustrations of making something that looks and tastes delicious.

So here you are, dear reader: a look into my kitchen when I'm slogging down Struggle Street, using improper equipment and neglecting my poor (she's actually fine) cat. Maybe this will inspire you to take on the Gourmet Reese's challenge yourself. If you do, I highly recommend reserving some of the peanut butter mix and knocking out a few pb-chocolate-graham cracker truffle balls—my exquisite invention born from a strong desire to be done making peanut butter cups forever.

Good luck, have fun, and for the love of god, keep your spatulas safe.


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