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morning yogurt bowl + how to peel and de-seed a pomegranate without spraying red juice everywhere

Updated: May 27, 2023

In this yogurt bowl:

- plain greek yogurt

- flavored greek yogurt (in this case, honey vanilla)

- chia seeds

- granola with almond slices

- banana slices

- pomegranate seeds

I mean, that's it. It's pretty basic. But I do have a few things to say about it:

  1. I mix my yogurts. I like the tang of plain greek yogurt, but I also want a little bit of sweetness. I'm sure there exists a yogurt that strikes this perfect balance, but then I wouldn't get to be a mad yogurt scientist. It's fun, try it on!

  2. If I remember to and I'm not lazy, I'll scoop my yogurt and top with chia seeds before I go to bed and keep it all covered in the fridge overnight. By morning, the chia seeds have bloated up like tiny jelly beads. It's a more interesting texture, and it might be more nutritious too? *Googles it* Okay based on one scientific explanation, "sprouting" the seeds makes them easier to digest and their nutrients more accessible to your body. That said, we can't all be right on the ball at 10:30pm.

  3. Pomegranate seeds: what exquisite jewels! What lustrous crimson gems locked away in their white pith fortress! Really though, what delight those seeds add to the morning yogurt bowl. Apparently what we call pomegranate seeds are actually called arils—the juice sacs that surround the seed. Whatever you call them, they burst between your teeth, leaving a tiny seed to chew on. What thrills!

  4. Pomegranate seeds: what exquisite mess! If you've ever boldly cut up a pomegranate and proceeded to pluck out its seeds without a plan in place, you've probably noticed that those arils aren't so charming when they burst outside your mouth. They explode easy and often, and their juice has astonishing range. All that to say: make a plan, people. I've seen a few different techniques for safely extracting pomegranate seeds, but the one in my video below is my go to. The whole process takes me a little over ten minutes, but it's a relaxing ten minutes. And at the end, I've got fistfuls of scarlet juice orbs to drop in my morning yogurt like an Egyptian queen.

Alright, enough chatter. Have a look:


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