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vanilla-banana pudding pie

Updated: May 29, 2023

In this dish:

- frozen pie crust

- semisweet chocolate chips

- vanilla instant pudding

- milk

- bananas

- heavy whipping cream

- sugar

- vanilla extract

It’s pi day!

Well, it was pi day like a week ago.

In the last year I’ve developed a bit of a thing for cream pies. The problem is, I don’t want to make a cream pie, at least not from scratch. I know I can pull it off—I’ve made nougat for crying out loud!—but I just don’t want to.

This is another thing I feel I’ve developed in the last year: a refined sense and acceptance of what I want and don’t want.

I want: cream pie

I don’t want: to make it

Fortunately this conundrum coincided with the discovery and acceptance of a newfound like (I’ve also gotten better at spotting those, along with their counterparts, the dislikes).

I like: pudding

More specifically, I like: Jell-O instant pudding

I think you know where this is headed. Right?

It’s headed to my second annual vanilla-banana pudding pie. I’ll break it down:

LAYER 1: freezer section pie crust, because it’s fine!

LAYER 2: a protective shell of semisweet chocolate—it staves off a soggy crust and tastes ruhl nice

LAYER 3: mashed bananas folded into instant vanilla pudding—because scratch cream filling makes me sweat, and why would I bother when this is so dreamy??

LAYER 4: banana slices, of course!

LAYER 4: freshly whipped cream,* because that, to me, is worth the bother

*I do a cup of heavy whipping cream, a tablespoon of sugar, and a teaspoon of vanilla. It makes for a very lightly sweet whipped cream.

I think I’m going to make this pudding pie until I’m 90. I think it’s going to be my thing. There was a point not long ago when I might have shied away from this prediction, believing it’d be embarrassing for my “thing” to be quite so riddled with cut corners.

I guess that’s another thing I’ve accepted in the first year of my thirties.

I’m capable of complicated, but I really like easy.

And I really, really like this pie.


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